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How to enable auto logon on Windows 7

Run the program netplwiz. Uncheck the box “Users must enter a user name and password to use the computer.” After OK or Apply is clicked, a dialog box will pop up and ask for the user name and password for auto logon.

How to list files in a directory using Windows commands

To enumerate files in the current directory in a command prompt, use the following command line.

Here the command dir is used with a for loop. The argument /b is to output bare format. To use the for loop command in a batch file, the iterator %I has to be changed to %%I

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How to run a Window command repeatedly forever

Say, you want to run the command “echo Hello, World” repeatedly forever. A goto command can be used to create a forever loop.

Using ping here is to add 5-second sleep in the loop since there is no built-in command for sleeping. A little sleep may be required in order to break the execution… Read More »

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