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Workaround for Set Window Size Issue on Safari 10.1 Webdriver

If you are using Safari 10.0 and the webdriver provided by Apple for browser automation, don’t upgrade to Safari 10.1. If you have upgraded Safari, you probably have noticed that set window size is not working. To work around the issue, you need the help of AppleScript.


How to clone a hard drive

Most of time when you want to move data from one hard drive to another, you can just use copy command provided the operating system. However if the drive contains an OS, boot sectors, and hidden partitions, you will need to use “clone”. To clone a hard drive, you will need a machine that can… Read More »

How to download files in a list of URLs

CURL is a useful command line tool to script some tasks. One of the common tasks is to download a list of files from some URL locations. For example, there is a list of files as below.

If the file names are a sequence of alphanumeric series, the following command can be used.

How about… Read More »

How to write text on screenshots

When test automation takes a lot of screenshots, it’s very important to keep track of them. Usually a test report has links to related screenshots. There is no problem to trace a failed test case to its screenshots. However, when an engineer looks at a screenshot, can the screenshot tell the engineer some essential information… Read More »

How to set up Robot Framework for web testing

Download and install Python 2.7. Install Selenium Libraray for Python

Install Robot Framework

Install Pygments

Install Robot Framework IDE

Install Selenium2Library

Install wxPython 32-bit Windows Go to Download and install wxPython2.8-win32-unicode- 64-bit Windows Go to Download and install wxPython2.8-win64-unicode- Mac OS X Use Homebrew to install wxPython

Update the… Read More »

Showcase UI Automation PowerShell Extensions

In the old days, digital videos are recorded into a DV tape. When importing a DV tape to AVI, it creates a 13GB file. Pinncle Studio can detect scenes by frame content or by timestamp, but it won’t break down the 13GB file by scenes for users. Users can do it manually one by one.… Read More »

Why the error message says VT-x is not enabled

When installing or using Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) or VMware Workstation on Windows, you may get an error message says that the system does not support VT-x. However you are sure that Intel Virtualization Technology is enabled in BIOS. It may be more confusing if you disable Virtualization Technology. The error message may… Read More »

How to record Windows desktop with FFmpeg

It is desirable to record the desktop when automation is running unattended. When a test failed, the recording can be used for investigation. The easiest way to do that is to use FFmpeg. On Windows the recording can be started with the following command.

The recording is saved to the file named output.mp4. If there are… Read More »